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You no longer have to choose between healthy and tasty. Lentil and apple crackers have only 4 kcal, are a source of protein and, best of all, are delicious. 

These crackers are perfect for those last-minute snacks and are pulse-based. Know why? Besides giving the snack a unique taste and texture, pulses are an excellent source of fibre, protein and complex carbohydrates. 

Need more reasons
to give them a try?

Benefits of Pulses
  • Sense of satiety (feeling full)
  • Help maintain more stable blood glucose levels
  • Rich in various minerals, such as iron, zinc and phosphorus
  • Contribute to good intestinal health

Have we whetted your appetite?


Toppings for crackers


Lentil and Apple Tortitas

Ingredients: puffed lentil (85 %) [lentil flour, rice flour, dehydrated potato, potato starch, corn starch, salt], texturized pea proteins (10 %), dehydrated apple (5 %). May contain traces of gluten, soya, milk and sesame seeds.

Nutritional Information

1 492 kJ352 kcal
298 kJ70 kcal
0,6 g
< 0,5 g
Of which saturates
< 0,1 g
0 g
79 g
16 g
Of which sugars
69 g
14 g

Source of fibre
Source of protein
4 kcal per cracker